Call for Abstracts


The Call for Abstracts for the 2018 Congress is now open. Take on the chance to be part of the conference programme - submit your paper by 31 March.

New at the 2018 Congress

All accepted abstracts will be featured in the online and the printed version of the Journal of Global Oncology (JGO) which provides high quality literature on cancer care, research and care delivery issues. 

The onsite presentations will take place in the dedicated Abstract Hub - The Forum for Knowledge Mobilisation, a novelty of the 2018 Congress. The Hub will be designed as a one-stop shop which aims to facilitate the interactions between the presenters and the participants whilst being easily accessible for all delegates.


You have the opportunity to submit:

  • The summary report of your successful policy / advocacy campaign
  • The summary report of your dynamic fundraising campaign 
  • Your innovative and impactful scientific study, describing the collection, analysis and interpretation of cancer-relevant data (clinical, behavioral...)

All abstracts should be aligned with at least one of the five programme Tracks.

How to structure your abstract for the submission

Policy and Advocacy report

Scientific study

Fundraising report

- Background and
- Aim
- Strategy/Tactics
- Program/Policy process
- Outcomes
- What was learned

- Background
- Aim
- Methods

- Results
- Conclusions

- Amount raised
- Background and
- Aim
- Strategy/Tactics
- Program process
- Costs and returns
- What was learned




    Based on their average score, abstracts and reports will be presented at the 2018 WCC under one of the following formats:

    • Abstract oral: 8 minute presentation (+ 2 minutes of Q&As), scheduled in a session
    • Rapid Fire: 3 minute presentation in front of a large audience
    • E-poster pod presentation: 3 minute presentation in an e-pod. The poster will be displayed on an electronic poster screen and presented to 30-40 attendees during one the networking breaks. These will soon be added to the online programme.
    • E-poster display: E-posters will be available for ongoing consultation on e-poster screens scattered throughout the Congress venue
    • Each accepted abstract will be available for consultation on the e-poster screens during the Congress and on the e-library of the Congress website after the event.

    REVIEW Timeline & PROCESS 
    • 15 January to 31 March 2018 – Call for Abstracts open - submissions and ongoing review by the Abstract Committee (First Tier)
    • 1 April – 15 May 2018 – Secondary review process including scoring by the Abstract Committee
    • 16 May – 30 June 2018 – Scheduling of abstracts into the programme (by Abstract Committee and Congress Team)
    • 15 July 2018 – Notification of presentation format to all abstract submitters
    • 3 August 2018 - All abstract presenters should confirm their participation and register online. After that date, their abstract will be automatically withdrawn.

    All abstract submissions will go through the same review process without any difference depending on the type of submission (scientific report, fundraising campaign reports or policy and advocacy reports). 

    The 12 members of the Abstract Committee will conduct the first round of reviews. They will determine whether the abstracts are aligned with the overall Congress' objectives and the 2018 programme tracks or if they are out of scope.

    After this first selection, an international panel of reviewers - composed of more than 150 health professionals - will be reviewing and scoring the various abstracts to determine their final format.