Discussion Cafés

The Meet'in Café and NCD Café preliminary programmes are now available.

The Discussion Cafés offered relaxed, informal spaces to engage with congress participants and speakers during breaks in the main congress programme. The aim of these sessions was to spark lively debates with the audience in order to examine key topics, lessons learned or innovations over a cup of coffee. These discussions shone a spotlight on new ideas, reports, and tools, to look at how these can be used and adapted outside the Congress.

This year, two different Cafés were available, The Meet'in Café and the NCD Café.

Meet'in Café

The Meet’in Café was a new addition to the World Cancer Congress.

Running in tandem with the NCD Cafe, the Meet’in Café played host to 19 sessions focused on cancer control. We were delighted to welcome speakers from across the globe covering a range of topics from the impact of smoking in movies, through to the importance of cancer registries and how to deliver affordable childhood cancer care in Africa. Some of the highlights were active a lively discussion on the do’s and don’ts of global oncology collaboration and a number of sessions on how to expand access to cancer treatment, and radiotherapy in particular building on the recent Lancet Oncology commission.

Participants were encouraged to question the speakers and share their experiences on topics such as building trust in the HPV vaccines and what we can learn from the HIV/AIDS movement. The breadth of the discussions really reflected the diversity of work taking place across UICC’s members and participants enthusiastically collaborated to develop solutions to common challenges.


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NCD Café
The NCD Café: Spirit of Partnership
In the spirit of multisectoral partnerships, the NCD Café offered a series of interactive sessions organised by supporters of the NCD Alliance.
Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which include cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases, and mental and neurological disorders, share common risk factors and health systems challenges; and also common solutions. A united response is therefore beneficial for cardiovascular disease and other NCDs. 
The global response to NCDs is accelerating, with a UN Summit on NCDs in 2011, followed by a UN Review of Progress in 2014. Now, there is a dedicated target on NCDs in the Sustainable Development Goals.
The NCD Café provided the opportunity to discuss current global health and NCD topics in an open and engaging environment, with at least half of each session dedicated to open and interactive discussion between participants and speakers from all backgrounds, regions, and sectors. A selection of drinks and healthy refreshments were also provided.