Regional Meetings at the World Cancer Congress: a platform for UICC members


The Regional Meetings bring together UICC Members from the same region to share their expertise, discuss relevant topics to their area, and further strengthen their collaboration at local, national and regional levels.

A regional approach is key for members to share their best practices. The Regional Meetings will address various topics ranging from advocacy and how it can be improved in specific countries to discussing challenges and opportunities for patients. Other topics include identifying capacity building needs and implementing best practices for cancer control across a region by showcasing success stories. We invite you to join these highly interactive sessions and to participate in the discussions by sharing your experience and country-specific issues.

More information on the regional meetings will soon be available in our website and in the upcoming UICC membership newsletter. For more information about UICC membership, please contact

Programme overview per region:

  • Europe Life beyond cancer, challenges and opportunities for patients and society
    Chairs European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC) & Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer
  • Africa Implementing Best Practices for Cancer Control in Africa (finalised)
    Chair African Organisation for Research and Training in Cancer (AORTIC)
  • North America Increasing burden of cancer (TBC)
    Chairs Canadian Cancer Society and the US National Cancer Institute
  • Eastern Mediterranean & Middle East Cancer Control success stories in the region (TBC)
    Chairs King Hussein Cancer Foundation & Zahra Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Latin America Advocacy and how UICC can support the region (TBC)
    Chairs Liga Argentina de Lucha Contra el Cáncer (LALCEC) & Liga Peruana de Lucha contra el cáncer, Instancia por la salud y el desarrollo de las Mujeres ISDM, FEMAMA
  • Asia Pacific UICC Capacity building in the region (TBC)
    Chairs Cancer Council Queensland & National Cancer Society of Malaysia
  • Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) (and Balkan Region)
    Strengthening cancer control across CIS countries (and Balkan Region)
    Chairs N.N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center
Plan a meeting with other UICC member organisations
Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) Logo

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer will act as the UICC members' convener by sponsoring a dedicated UICC Member Convening space within the Global Village of the World Cancer Congress.

If you are a UICC member organisation and would like to meet other members and organise a meeting, you can book the "UICC Members Meeting room" sponsored by The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. 

Please contact Mr. Ronan Carella at to book a 60-minute slot on 31st October, 1st November, 2nd November or 3rd November.