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Interview at the 2014 WCC

Over 2,000 medical specialists, scientists, NGO and civil society representatives, Ministers of Health, high-level United Nations representatives, and people living with or affected by cancer, are expected to attend the event at the International Conference Center in Geneva.

Highlights of the programme:

  • Innovation in cancer prevention and care 
  • Patient-centred care, including psychosocial support and the importance of socio-economic factors in cancer recovery
  • The impact of antimicrobial resistance on cancer care and ensuring sustainable and equitable access to effective medicines
  • Women’s cancers: the need to develop integrated approaches to care
  • Addressing global disparities in childhood cancer outcomes
  • Tobacco control, strategies to counter industry influence and regulate new products 
  • Links between alcohol and cancer
  • Improving access to cancer care in LMICs and extending cancer care to the most vulnerable, including refugees, displaced people, and underprivileged communities. 

The programme will also feature abstract-led sessions showcasing implementation science and new studies relevant to cancer control.

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10 June 2024