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Interview at the 2014 WCC

Some 1600 scientists, medical specialists, NGO and civil society representatives, Ministers of Health, high-level United Nations representatives and people living with or affected by cancer, attended the event at the International Conference Center in Geneva as well as 400 others participated to the event digitally.

Highlights of the programme include:

  • Advances in cancer screening, diagnostics and treatment, including vaccines, immunotherapy, artificial intelligence and precision medicine
  • Abstract-led sessions showcasing implementation science
  • Tobacco control – countering industry influence, regulating new products such as e-cigarettes, discussions on the “generational ban” implemented notably in New Zealand
  • The threat of antimicrobial resistance for cancer patients, the need for infection control and the rational use of drugs
  • The right to assisted dying – approaches and cultural contexts
  • Improving access to cancer medicines in low-income regions
  • The impact of COVID-19
  • Advances in Universal Health Coverage and cancer control
  • Hearing from people living with cancer – breaking the taboo around cancer and sexuality


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