Welcome note from the 2020 Congress host

Dr Wahid inviting participants to join him at the 2020 WCC
20 May 2019


Welcome! Ahlan!

The Oman Cancer Association (OCA) is honored to host the next World Cancer Congress which has been postponed to 16 - 18 March 2021 due to the coronavirus global pandemic. This will be the first time that the Congress will be held in MENA-EMRO region.

UICC believes in a holistic response to global cancer control, supporting its members and the cancer community in working together for positive impact for patients, survivors, health care providers, and other volunteers and carers managing the daily burden of this disease. We are thrilled to be partners and hosts to such a noble organisation.

‘The way forward’ is the theme for the World Cancer Congress, highlighting, quite importantly, the need for our region to work towards a future free from cancer. Networking opportunities and informative sessions will guide and inspire the region’s cancer control agenda, until the next Congress and beyond. 

The programme will be comprehensive and geared to address pressing issues in cancer control regionally and internationally, from prevention through to treatment and palliation. We intend to lay a solid foundation for knowledge exchange, best practices and experience-sharing and, pivotally, take a deep dive into the role and impact of advocacy and social enterprises in complimenting the work of the government and private sectors in driving a patient-centred strategy.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate, affecting not only patients and their families, but also entire populations due to the spread of risk factors over one’s lifetime. Inter- regional understanding and collaboration is the best strategy in developing realistic international cancer control policies to not only effectively fight cancer but prevent it through advancements in early diagnosis and better pathways to what we all strive for: a cure.

Muscat’s commitment to health and hospitality is the perfect landscape for this event. We look forward to identifying our common challenges and discussing robust pragmatic solutions, while also sharing with all the participants a taste of what makes Oman such a warm, secure and spectacular tourism destination. We welcome you all to come early and stay after the Congress to enjoy our country.

Mark your calendars for 16 - 18 March 2021 and join us at the World Cancer Congress in Muscat. For more information, visit www.worldcancercongress.org as well as the Oman Cancer Association website www.oca.om.

I take this opportunity to thank UICC for their faith in OCA. Our gratitude too to all our sponsors and partner, the Oman National Oncology Centre, and, last but not least, thanks to the Oman Convention & Exhibition Center for providing the impressive venue for this historic gathering. 


Dr Wahid AlKharusi FRCS
Oman Cancer Association

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National Host Committee

Regional Host Committee

Dr Wahid Al Kharusi - President of Oman Cancer Association (Oman)

Dr Bassim Al Bahrani - Senior Consultant at Royal hospital & Treasurer of Oman Cancer Association (Oman)

Sh Soud Al Rawahi - Vice president of Oman Cancer Association (Oman)

Ms Faiqa Al Sinawi - Secretary General of the Oman Cancer Association and Director of Department of School Health at Ministry of Health (Oman)

Prof Taha Al Lawati - Board Member at the Oman Cancer Association Senior Consultant Surgical Breast Oncology/Royal Hospital (Oman)

Dr Mazin Al Khaboori - Director General of Private Health sector at Ministry of Health (Oman)

Dr Adil Al Ajmi - Senior Consultant and Breast Reconstructive Surgeon /Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (Oman)

Dr Khalid Al Bimani - Consultant Medical Oncology/ Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (Oman)

Dr Zahid Al Mandhari - Radioecology/ Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (Oman)

Dr Suad Al Kharusi - Head of the National Oncology Centre (Oman)

Dr Ali Al Kharusi - Oman Cancer Association board member & WHO National Technical Officer/Ministry of Health (Oman)

Dr Abdulaziz Al Farsi - Oman Cancer Association board member Head of Medical Oncology at Royal Hospital (Oman)

Dr Wahid Al Kharusi - President of Oman Cancer Association (Oman)
H.R.H. Sayyida Mona Al Said  - Vice-Chancellor for International Cooperation at Sultan Qaboos University               
Dr Bassim Al Bahrani - Senior Consultant at Royal hospital & Treasurer of Oman Cancer Association (Oman)                  
H.R.H. Princess Dina Mired - President, Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)             
HH Sh Dr. Khalid Al Thani - President of Qatar Cancer Society (Qatar)    
Sh Abdulaziz Al Turki - President of Saudi Cancer Society (Kingdom of Saudia Arabia) 
Dr Ali Al Zahrani - Executive Director/ Gulf Center for Cancer Control and Prevention (Kingdom of Saudia Arabia) 
Dr Sawsan Madi - Director General - Friends of Cancer Patients (UAE)
Dr Abdulrahman Fakho -  President of Bahrain Cancer Society (Bahrain)
Dr Khalid Al Saleh - General Secretery/GFCC (Kuwait)
Prof Hisham Al Ghazali - Prof. of clinical oncology, head of medical research center, Ain Shams Uinversity (Egypt)
Prof Hussain Khalid - UICC Borad Member (Egypt) 
Prof Amr Soliman - Secreatry General of ICPC (United States) 
Prof Mohmmed Akabari - Cancer Research Center, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (Iran)
Prof Mehdi Karkouri - Professor of medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Casablanca (Morocco)
Dr Sami Al Khatib - Consultant Clinical Oncologist (Jordan)
Dr Jamal Khader - Consultant Radiation Oncologist (Jordan)