Dr Lisa Stevens

Dr. Stevens’ desire to facilitate and promote science is what brought her to the Office of the Director, NCI, in 2000. She joined the Office of Science Planning and Assessment in 2002 and joined the Center for Global Health as the Deputy Director for Planning and Operations in 2012. In support of NCI, she has fostered collaborations, created decision-making tools, and overseen the development of strategic plans.

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Since joining the Center for Global Health, Lisa has focused on gathering input—both internal and external—to facilitate the development of the strategic priorities for the Center. She has also been implementing policies and procedures to support the operations of the Center. As the Senior Lead of the International Global Cancer Control Program Lisa has worked with Ministries of Health and other multi-sectorial groups in all WHO Regions to include evidence-based policies in a cancer control and/or NCD control plans. In addition, Lisa co- founded the International Cancer Control Partnerships to organize multiple global partners working with stakeholders in the area of cancer control. This partnership has focused on collating published cancer control and NCD plans as well as other tools that individuals charged with developing, implementing, or evaluating national plans can utilize.

Prior to joining CGH, Dr. Stevens has worked on many strategic planning activities across NCI.  She participated in interviews of key stakeholders in each of these activities and worked with individuals to articulate vision, mission, and objectives as part of the process. She facilitated interactions among the NCI Divisions, Offices, and Centers, as well as other NIH Institutes and Centers.

Dr. Stevens has guided the creation and communication of the long-range plan of the Institute, the yearly plan and budget request, and highlights of scientific progress. These activities have been in the form of the Strategic Plan, the Bypass Budget, and responses to congressional inquiries. At every opportunity, she has helped craft a clear message of where the Institute is today and the plan for tomorrow.