Wellness Pavilion


The purpose of the Wellness Pavilion is to present new perspectives on how to improve existing treatments for cancer patients.

the wellness pavilion, what is it?

Located in the Global Village, this new 2018 Congress feature will provide interesting insights into complementary medicines therapies and stress relief exercises that contribute to improve patients' well being and quality of life.

A series of Yoga and Zumba classes will also be proposed to delegates willing to relax and exercise during the Congress.

Wellness Pavilion visual

programme schedule

Tuesday 2 October: Wellness and stress relief

  • Reiki and aromatherapy
  • Chinese ink brush painting
  • Acupuncture

Wednesday 3 October: Encouraging physical activity

  • Yoga in KLCC Park (before the sessions start)
  • Laughter yoga
  • Qigong

Thursday 4 October: Healthy nutrition and complementary medicines

  • Yoga in KLCC Park (before the sessions start)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM)
  • Food Therapy recipes

The activities in the Wellness Pavilion are supported by the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) and the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society.