GLOBOCAN 2018 presented in Kuala Lumpur


We are pleased to announce that Dr Christopher Wild, Director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), will be presenting the 2018 GLOBOCAN at this year’s Congress.

The GLOBOCAN estimates for 2018 aim to provide the evidence and impetus for developing resource-contingent strategies to reduce the cancer burden worldwide.

During his plenary talk on 2 October, Dr Wild will review the sixth version of GLOBOCAN, the sources and methods used in compiling cancer incidence and mortality estimates for 2018 in 184 countries worldwide, and briefly describe the key results by cancer site.

" The GLOBOCAN (2018) estimates show that all-cancer incidence and mortality rates continue to rise in every world region. The detailed cancer patterns, however, are complex. While lung, breast and colorectal cancer explain one-third of the total burden, thirteen different cancers are revealed as the most frequent type in one or more countries.

"These variations reflect the extent to which societal, economic, and lifestyle factors interplay to differentially impact on the cancer profiles. In turn, this knowledge should inform local and regional cancer control priorities.

However, while GLOBOCAN 2018 provides valuable updated cancer estimates, it also shines light on the persistent gaps in data within so many countries emphasising the need for government commitment to continuous data collection through surveillance systems of high-quality population-based cancer registries and vital registration.”

Dr Christopher P. Wild, PhD, ICRETT Fellow 1984 and 1992 and IARC Director