Patient Group Pavilion - Submission Form (2020 WCC)

Call for CASE STUDIES - SUBMISSION Form to complete

UICC looks forward to receiving your case study for best practice sharing for the Patient Group Pavilion (PGP) programme. The deadline for submissions is Saturday, 15 February 2020 at 24:00 CET.

Please complete the form here below and press the button “Submission” at the end to ensure your proposal is processed correctly. All incomplete forms will not be saved.

We also recommend that you read the submission guidelines carefully which should help you draft and submit a successful proposal of best practice sharing.

UICC will give a preference to submitted examples that include the following criteria:

  • Aligned with one of the three overarching themes. A series of topics are proposed under each one of them:
  • Topic of global interest and not relevant to one institution only
  • Clear objectives and outcomes, including implementation processes and results (if feasible)
  • Pragmatic and solution-oriented examples
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Innovative ideas or approaches
  • Cross-sector, cross-country or cross-organisational collaboration
  • Methods/tools that might be replicated and/or adapted by the other participants

By submitting a case study for the patient group pavilion, you will be eligible (if you are a UICC member organisation) to the best case study of the 2020 WCC patient group pavilion Award


1. Presenter’s contact details
Please include country code (eg. 0041 for Switzerland)

If you are unsure if your organisation is a UICC member, please check this list:

2. Presentation’s details

The title of your presentation should be short, punchy and in sentence case. It should also give a good sense of the content of your presentation. Thank you for not using non-standard abbreviations and commercial names.

Please describe in 100 words max the objectives and the related outcomes/implementation results of the example that you will present, including a rationale for why this is a priority topic of global interest.
Please define two or three learning objectives in your example that would be useful for the participants attending your presentation. (100 words max.)
Please describe in 100 words max the methods/tools outlined in your presentations that participants will be able to take away and apply upon their return home?

d. Format of your presentation

Please bear in mind that your presentation should last 10 min. maximum. We encourage interactive presentations format: NO PowerPoint slides with text will be accepted. Infographics, pictures and videos can be used.

Please indicate if you will be using any other material to support your presentation, such as:

3. Tracks
Please select the relevant track for your case study.

For further info and guidance, please contact Hugo Nicolaus, Congress and Events Manager, UICC: