Dr. Lesley Rushton

Rushton Lesley

Lesley Rushton is an epidemiologist/statistician with extensive research experience into occupational and environmental causes of ill health. She holds a PhD in methodological aspects of epidemiological studies gained at the Institute of Cancer Research, London and was awarded an OBE for service to occupational health in 2004. She has worked in several UK academic institutions and is currently a Reader in Occupational Epidemiology at Imperial College London. 

Lesley has specialised in health studies in various industries, including leukaemia and related diseases from benzene in the petrochemical industry, studies of lung cancer and silicosis in the silica sand industry and dermatitis in the printing industry.  She has also carried out several studies in the area of indoor and out door air pollution, particularly in relation to children’s health. She led the study to estimate the current and future burden of cancer due to occupation in Britain. The results from this study are having an important impact in the UK for development strategies for risk reduction and targeting of important carcinogens, industries and occupations. The innovative methodology has been developed and extended for several projects including analysis at EU-level of health, socio-economic and environmental aspects of regulatory changes relating to exposure to carcinogens and mutagens at work, estimation of the global burden of occupational carcinogens and in on-going burden estimation projects in Canada, Australia and Singapore. 

A major new project involves the design and application of an occupational module for UK Biobank.  Methodological research includes systematic review and meta-analysis in the areas of risk assessment and cross-design synthesis. 

She has been a member of several UK government committees including the Committee on Toxicity and the Industrial Injuries Advisory Council and is currently is a member of the UK Committee on Carcinogenicity.