2020 WCC Congress Cinema

Due to ongoing uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and the disruption to travel and social gatherings into 2021, UICC has decided to call off the World Cancer Congress planned for March 2021 in Oman.

In the meantime, a number of the sessions, case studies and films accepted for the Congress programme will be featured in UICC’s new series of Virtual Dialogues. This content will be showcased during the next 9-12 months, and session organisers and speakers will be contacted in due course. You will find more information about these Virtual Dialogues and how to register for them here.

New at the Congress – in 2021, the World Cancer Congress will include a Cinema

Film is an art form that aims to convey stories, stir emotions, inspire and encourage actions. Videos have become one of the most effective tools to convey a message. It has become a core component of successful communication strategies.

The World Cancer Congress Cinema will showcase a selection of powerful productions from all over the world. The Cinema will also provide a platform for organisations and film makers to share the context and impact of their work.

Cinema sessions 

The call for submissions closed on 31 October 2019 having received over 150 submissions. Thank you to all of the health organisations and filmmakers that have shared their films, documentaries, adverts, animations and campaign videos.

Selected videos will be broadcasted across the following five sessions:

Portraits of resilience 

An inspiring selection of films that explore the physical and psychological impact of cancer. Through the stories of patients, cancer survivors and their loved ones, the films provide an intimate and personal insight into how they have been able to achieve, maintain or restore their sense of self through sport and music. 

Telling her story 

A selection of powerful films that underline the importance of the female narrative in cancer. These personal stories honour mothers, daughters, and partners as they navigate the environmental and societal challenges in making decisions about their health, the emotional impact of receiving a diagnosis, their treatment experience and journey to recovery. 

Know your audience, adapt your message 

Take a journey around the world through this selection of films which tell the diverse experiences of cancer with cultural awareness, relevance and sensitivity. Highlighting different cultures and ethnicity, gender and age groups, these films will be complemented by an expert panel discussion on the importance of defining and understanding your target audience to ensure the effectiveness and relevance of your message.

In their shoes: Navigating the patient’s journey 

An eclectic selection of films shining a spotlight on the psychological, mental and emotional impact of cancer through the patient’s perspective. Whether aiming to raise awareness, to change minds, improve care pathways or to purely inform patients, the filmmakers take a wholly original approach - either allowing audiences to step into the shoes of patients or empowering patients themselves to navigate their own journey with greater clarity. 

Access to care in times of peace and conflict 

Tackling the broad issues of access to care and equity in cancer, this selection of films and documentaries bring to the fore the different barriers encountered in accessing appropriate healthcare around the world, including in areas where political unrest and conflict undermines needs, rights and equity in healthcare.

Along with the selected screenings, the Cinema will allow space for interactive discussions. Further details will be revealed soon, stay tuned.

If you have any questions about the Cinema, please contact Mrs Céline Francina at