Facilitated networking opportunities


The 2022 World Cancer Congress was designed to maximise opportunities for participants to interact, make powerful connections and exchange knowledge and expertise with leaders amongst the global cancer community. With a huge eagerness to finally meet face to face and after almost three years of virtual meetings, UICC and its partners looked forward to convening and uniting the cancer and NCD communities in Geneva, to drive progress and reduce the global burden of cancer through the power of knowledge sharing and collective action.

Networking and creating collaborations is regularly the top highlight for delegates attending the World Cancer Congress and one of the three top factors in deciding to attend. For this reason and in line with the 2022 theme focusing on global collaboration, UICC offered dedicated spaces and activities (such as the Ice-Breaker or the Accelerated Connections Café) for UICC members and partners and their leaders to network, connect and rekindle a sense of community. The Congress digital platform and application also offered a user-friendly appointment making tool for all delegates to schedule one-to-one or group meetings with suggested meeting points within the Congress Center.

make sure you follow-up 

As you return to your daily work, make sure you don’t leave all those business cards in the luggage, but follow up on the conversations with your new connections. Here are some ways UICC can help with: 

  • Reconnect on the digital platform following the Congress to look up your new connections, revisit sessions from the Congress and access brand new digital only resources 

  • Leverage the Fellowship Programme to organise a visit to an institution you connected with at the Congress

  • Get engaged for World Cancer Day, mobilise your orgnisation and your network to organise awareness activities. Let's reach maximum impact together! 

  • Stay tuned regarding UICC's next World Cancer Leaders' Summit and World Cancer Congress progress


28 November 2022