Facilitated networking opportunities


The 2022 World Cancer Congress is designed to maximise opportunities for participants to interact, make powerful connections and exchange knowledge and expertise with leaders amongst the global cancer community. With a huge eagerness to finally meet face to face and after almost three years of virtual meetings, UICC and its partners are looking forward to convening and uniting the cancer and NCD communities in Geneva, to drive progress and reduce the global burden of cancer through the power of knowledge sharing and collective action.

Networking and creating collaborations is regularly the top highlight for delegates attending the World Cancer Congress and one of the three top factors in deciding to attend. For this reason and in line with the 2022 theme focusing on global collaboration, UICC will be offering dedicated spaces for UICC members and partners and their leaders to network, connect and rekindle a sense of community, particularly following the past two years of being remote. The Congress digital platform and application will also offer a user-friendly appointment making tool for all delegates to schedule one-to-one or group meetings with suggested meeting points within the Congress Center.

Leverage the World Cancer Congress to boost your networks

By bringing together decision-makers, senior executives and cancer control experts and workers from across regions and sectors and covering the whole spectrum of cancer control, the World Cancer Congress presents unique opportunities for leaders and beyond to expand their network of potential collaborators and deepen connections with peers and like-minded organisations.

But with a packed agenda of plenaries, sessions and side-meetings, while also balancing the ongoing demands of day-to-day work, how can delegates maximise the opportunities to forge new connections beyond their familiar networks in the three days they spend in Geneva? 

Step 1: do your homework    

  • For the first time, the World Cancer Congress will include a digital platform; registered delegates will be able to access it four weeks prior to the event, browse the list of delegates and take advantage of its user-friendly appointment making tool to schedule one-to-one or group meetings with suggested meeting points within the Congress Center

  • The digital platform also includes powerful AI features for those with busy schedules: by filling in their interests and profiles, delegates will no longer need to manually search through lists of people and jam-packed agendas trying to figure out who to meet, they’ll just log in and get pop-up suggestions tailored specifically for them! 

  • Dust off those networking and presenting skills! Join a Communications expert (Claire Doole, learn more about her) in two virtual workshops open to all WCC delegates on the digital platform before the Congress (registration needed, details will shortly be sent):
    - 10 October 13:00 - 14:00 : Presenting yourself and your organisation
    - 12 October 13:00 - 14:00 : Moderating face-to-face panel discussions ​​​

Step 2: don’t leave it to chance 

While encounters by the water-cooler, or coffee stations can still provide the unlikely start of many long-term collaborations, why don’t take advantage of the opportunities in Geneva explicitly dedicated to those looking to connect and network in a facilitated setting? 

* networking activites conducted by Daniel Osterwalder, learn more about him *

Ice-breaker (for UICC members & partners only)

A playful opportunity to ‘build’ connections (in the truest sense, by using lego bricks) around a central for the cancer control community: What does successful cooperation look like to me?

Audience: For UICC members and partners only, upon registration

Capacity: limited to 200 participants

Date, time and venue: Tuesday 18 October, 13:00 - 14:00, level -1 of the CICG

Event duration: 1 hour


Accelerated Connections Café

Every morning during the Congress, in the Leaders’ Lounge – start the day by strengthening your ‘emotional intelligence’ muscles to better connect with yourself and others, and discover your ‘inner development goals’ (and to nurture the body as well as the soul, refreshments will be available) 

Audience: Exclusive to WCC leaders

Capacity: Around 50 participants

Date, time and venue: 18-20 October, 07:45 - 08:30, leaders lounge

Event duration: 45 minutes


Step 3: make sure you follow-up 

As you return to your daily work, make sure you don’t leave all those business card in the luggage, but follow up on the conversations with your new connections. Here are some ways UICC can help: 

  • Reconnect on the digital platform following the Congress to look up your new connections, revisit sessions from the Congress and access brand new digital only resources 

  • Leverage the Fellowship Programme to organise a visit to an institution you connected with at the Congress

  • Get engaged for World Cancer Day, mobilise your orgnisation and your network to organise awareness activities. Let's reach a maximum impact together! 

  • Stay tuned regarding UICC's next World Cancer Leaders' Summit and World Cancer Congress progress


Friday, March 4, 2022