Master Courses

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UICC Master Courses offer a unique opportunity to acquire specialised knowledge and skills both in cancer control and non-cancer fields.

Registration for Master Courses is now closed. All registrants will be notified regarding the status of their Master Course application (whether or not they are selected) by 1 June 2018.

The distance learning component of Master Courses will commence as of 15 June 2018


Each course is purpose-built by internationally-recognised cancer control professionals to meet specific needs for continuing education of those engaged in cancer control from various disciplines, and at different levels.

Master Courses are offered free of charge to those who register for the Congress. Participants will be selected on a competitive basis.

  • 20 hours of distance learning over a period of three months (June to September 2018)
  • Distance learning will be facilitated via UICC eCampus - an online e-learning platform where participants will find required reading materials, presentations, webinars, assignments etc.
  • Culminating in a one day face-to-face workshop prior to the start of the World Cancer Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 1 October 2018. Workshop attendance is conditional on completion of the distance learning component.
  • Participation is limited to 30-40 applicants per course to maximise interaction amongst participants and course leaders
  • Upon successful completion of the Master Course, participants will receive a UICC certificate

Master Courses were ranked as the top 4th highlight of the 2016 World Cancer Congress:

  • 95% found the topics interesting and relevant to their work
  • 95% learned about tools and gained skills applicable to challenges in real-world situations
  • 92% acquired information and ideas which they could relate to their country’s settings
  • 88% expanded their professional networks and expected to keep regularly in touch with fellow participants
  • 100% would recommend UICC Master courses to a colleague

Testimonials from previous Master Course participants:

2018 Master Courses 
Master course  Course title Course leaders Course overview Organisers





Building cancer awareness and prevention programmes

Melissa Ledger, Cancer Smart Manager, Cancer Council WA, Australia

Terry Slevin, Education & Research Director, Cancer Council WA, Australia

Download info about MC 1

Cancer Council WA, Australia


Prevent Cancer Foundation, USA






From peer support to policy change:

Strengthening capacities of patient groups across the health system

Amanda Pomery, Director of Support & Community Outreach, Prostate Cancer Foundation, Australia 
Ranjit Kaur Pritam Singh, President, Breast Cancer Welfare Association, Malaysia 
Vandana Gupta, Founder, V Care Foundation, India   

Download info about MC 2

Prostate Cancer Foundation, Australia 


Breast Cancer Welfare Association, Malaysia


V Care Foundation, India





Using the law and policymaking to promote cancer prevention and control

Jonathan Liberman, Director, McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer, Australia 

Anita George, Senior Legal Policy Advisor, McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer, Australia 
Sondra Davoren, Senior Legal Policy Advisor, McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer, Australia 
Luke Elich, Technical Officer for Governance and Legislation, Division of Health Systems, WHO Western Pacific Regional Office

Download info about MC 3

McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer, Australia

4 Effective collaboration to address the challenges of cancer: An intermediate course in cross-sector partnering

Ruth Findlay Brooks, Director of Research and Learning, The Partnering Initiative, UK

Liv Raphael, Senior Programme Manager, The Partnering Initiative, UK

Darian Stibbe, Executive Director, The Partnering Initiative, UK

Download info about MC 4 The Partnering Initiative, UK
5 African Cancer Fellows' Master Course 
(Exclusively for African Cancer Fellowship grantees)
Sally Donaldson, UICC Fellowships Manager Info about MC 5 American Cancer Society, USA


Union for International Cancer Control, Switzerland

6 SPARC Master Course (Exclusively for SPARC grantees) Sabrina Zucchello, UICC Grants Manager Info about MC 6 Pfizer


Union for International Cancer Control, Switzerland


UICC recognises and thanks the following Master Course sponsors for their support:

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