2020 Programme Committee & Themes


The 2020 World Cancer Congress programme is being built around seven themes. They provide the framework through which the global cancer community will be invited to deliver a suite of innovative and interactive sessions covering the full spectrum of cancer control. 

The call for sessions will be open from 26 August to 31 October 2019.


The 2020 World Cancer Congress programme is led by Drs Heather Bryant, and Anil D'Cruz.

Heather Bryant


Dr Heather Bryant is Senior Scientific Lead at the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. She initially joined the Partnership in January 2008 as its first Vice President, Cancer Control.

In that role, she developed and led a portfolio of pan-Canadian cancer control programs throughout the cancer continuum, including population-based prevention and cancer screening, diagnosis and care, patient centered reporting and palliative care, and research (including the launching of the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project).


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Anil D'Cruz


30 years as an oncologist, current Director at Oncology Apollo Hospitals, Ex-director at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India, researcher, administrator and crusader in the field of cancer control and currently serving as President-elect of UICC.

Anil has held leadership positions both nationally and internationally on Board of Directors/ governing council/ executive committee of numerous hospitals, governmental organisations, cancer care organisations, advocacy group & professional bodies.


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2020 World Cancer Congress Themes & CO-CHAIRS


Todd Harper
Todd Harper
Chief Executive Officer,
Cancer Council Victoria (CCA), Australia
Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan
Senior Medical Advisor,
RTI International India, India

In this room, the programme will explore primary prevention, including health promotion, examples of best practice in new evidence-based prevention strategies, and vaccines. Exposure to environmental risk factors unhealthy environments will be included, as well as new areas of development in policy, programme management, communications, and education.

Theme's topics of interest


2. Promising cancer research & Progress

Craig Earle
Craig C.Earle
Vice-President, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC), Canada
Gilberto Lopez
Gilberto Lopes
Director, International Programs,
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Miami , United-States

The programme of this room would highlight recent scientific and clinical advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and the latest research to overcome inequalities in cancer care. The sessions should also highlight the potential impact of scientific, clinical and technological advancements such as biotech breakthroughs and recent clinical trials. This Programme will also include sessions on how to translate findings into clinical practices.

Theme's topics of interest


3. Optimising Screening & Early diagnosis

Partha Basu
 Head, Screening Group, Early Detection&Prevention Section, Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), France
Ophira Ginsburg
Director, High-Risk Cancer Program, Perlmutter cancer center, NYU Langone Health, United-States

The programme content in this room will address the need for improved systems and pathways that result in cancer being detected and treated at an early stage. It will include presentations on optimization of existing screening efforts and programs, addressing barriers to establishing evidence based as well as -informed screening programs, Effective initiatives to systematically detect cancer earlier through primary care, improved diagnostic strategies, and improved pathways to access diagnostic services will also be covered.

Theme's topics of interest


4. Ensuring sustainable healthcare systems

Susan Henshall
Chief Executive Officer, C/Can Foundation, Switzerland
Arnie Purushotham
Director, King's Health Partners Integrated Cancer Center (ICC), King's College London, United Kingdom

The programme of this room adds value by channelling intellectual effort, collaborations, access to shared resources to stimulate  dialogue about implementing global commitments at a national level, as well as  strengthen national, regional and local health systems and guiding quality improvement acrossdifferent  aspects of sustainable development, policy and planning, infrastructure, measurement, reporting and performance.

Theme's topics of interest


5. Improving patient outcomes – Cancer care & Palliative care

Stephen R.Connor
Executive Director, Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance (WHPCA), United Kingdom
Ann Lee
Ann Lee
Clinical Professor and Head,Department of Clinical Oncology,The University of Hong Kong, China

The programme of this room should examine novel interventions to support patient engagement and survivorship in a variety of cancer care delivery settings. It focuses on patient experience and quality of outcome, exploring patient and family engagement, wrestles with rights and expectations of cancer patients and their families and the challenges of access, fairness and consistency of experience and care. It will explore the role of complimentary therapies, identify experiences with alternative treatments and invite challenging discussions about balance of investment and patient power. It invites exploration of measurement issues, prioritisation of service delivery, communication skills of health care professionals, tools to drive health care facility culture and survivorship. Fundamental questions around palliative care, pain relief and end of life issues are invited. 

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6. Successful Partnerships & Fundraising

Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo
Director and Executive President, International Outreach Program, St Jude Children's Hospital, United-States
Maya Helbaoui
Public Affairs Lead, Middlle East, Roche Lebanon


Through the programme of this room, Individuals and organisations will have the opportunity to strengthen their skills, competencies and abilities, allowing them to achieve measurable and sustainable results in their own environment. The objective is to increase the global cancer community’s effectiveness and performance to enable them to successfully respond to fast changing economic conditions, new stakeholders’ behaviours, political and regulatory challenges and technological trends.

Theme's topics of interest


7. Tackling priorities in different regions of the world

Zainab Shinkafi Bagudu


Zainab Shinkafu Bagudu
CEO, Medicaid Cancer Foundation, Nigeria


Alejandro Mohar
Director, National Cancer Institute (InCan),Mexico
Wahid Al Karusi

Eastern Mediterranean

Wahid Al Kharusi
President, Oman Cancer Association, Oman


Ulrika Årehed Kågström
Secretary General, Swedish Cancer Society, Sweden

Western Pacific

Jeff Dunn
CEO, Prostate Cancer
Foundation of Australia, Australia
Daimang Fan

South-East Asia

Daiming Fan
President, China Anti-Cancer Association, China


Ana Cristina Mendes Pereira
CEO, Instituto Nacional de Cancer, Brazil
Nick Grant


Nick Grant
Executive Director, International Partnerships at Cancer Research UK,       United Kingdom

The programme of this room would highlight the specific cancer challenges faced in different regions of the World. These sessions would be open to all delegates who want to learn of experiences in their own region, or to earn from other regions. 

Theme's topics of interest