Programme Highlights

Award winners during the 2018 WCC

Here is a selection of the 2020 World Cancer Congress highlights, designed to enhance your Congress experience and help you navigate the comprehensive programme. 


Plenary sessions

Every morning during the Congress, plenary sessions will bring all delegates together and feature some of the world’s most distinguished and thought-provoking opinion leaders. Plenary are designed to stimulate and inspire participants by giving them a fresh and new perspective on a given topic.  

Plenary sessions will be followed by interactive discussions with the plenary speakers in the Meetin' Café.  


Plenary Day 1 - The way forward with technologies and genetics

This opening plenary will highlight the potential to combine novel bioinformatics techniques with genetic information to change the way we approach and treat cancer in the future.

Plenary Day 2 - The way forward with cancer elimination

Here, high profile speakers will tackle approaches being taken to eliminate cervical cancer and cancer from tobacco consumption.

Plenary Day 3 - Breakthroughs on the Horizon

Delegates will get an insight of what the promised research holds to change the face of cancer control and treatment in the future.


Big Debate

Big Debates

The popular "Big Debates" will rally conference delegates around controversial and hot topics in cancer control. Participants will gain insights into both sides of the argument and have the opportunity to share and voice their opinions throughout the sessions. Topics of the 2020 edition will be announced soon.


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STAND-OUT sessions 

New in 2020 - the Programme Committee has shaped 90-minute sessions adressing top priorities in each theme. Stand-out sessions will feature some of the world's top experts whom will address the latest trends in cancer control. 

Theme 1 - High impact prevention & risk factor reduction

In the session entitled "Commercial detriments of health", Todd Harper (Cancer Council Victoria) and Laura Suchil (National Cancer Institute of Mexico) will invite delegates to learn more about how the tobacco, alcohol and junk food industries mislead the public about cancer and health including regulation and marketing of unhealthy products.

Theme 2 - Promising cancer research & progress

In the session "AI for global oncology", Lisa Stevens (IAEA) and Craig Earle (CPAC) have selected key leaders in the field to show the way forward with implementing Artificial Intelligence in global clinical oncology.

Theme 3 - Optimising screening & early diagnosis

Through the session "Early detection: Controversies to consensus" designed by Ophira Ginsburg (NYC Langone Health) and Partha Basu (IARC), delegates will be presented the current controversies that shake the cancer world in the fields of screening and early diagnosis with an attempt to discuss different paths leading the way to consensus.

Theme 4 - Sustainable healthcare systems

In the session "Creating an enabling ecosystem for Univeral Health Coverage", Sue Henshall (City Cancer Challenge Foundation) and Arnie Purusotham (King's College London) will explore with a panel of multisectoral senior country and regional leaders the policy, regulatory and data ecosystem needed to shape the achievement of Universal Health Coverage, with a focus on effective allocation of ressources. 

Theme 5 - Improving patient outcomes - cancer care & palliative care

With the session "Overcoming barriers to palliative and cancer care globally", Stephen Connor (WHCPCA) and Anne Lee (University of Honk-Kong) will share a reflection on 50 years of palliative care development worldwide, and address the way forward with legislative-policy-advocacy guidance.

Theme 6 - Successful partnerships & fundraising

The session "Successful partnerships & fundraising" shaped by Maya Helaboui (Roche) and Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo (St Jude Children's Hospital) will give delegates an insight on the best ways for private and public sectors to collaborate in successfully enabling better access to treatment for patients. This session will also showcase different methods for fundraising with success.


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One of the new 2020 features will immerse delegates in the power of storytelling generated by films, video campaigns, commercials and animated clips. The Cinema programme will highlight the impact and efficiency of this communication tool. Selected videos will be broadcasted in five themed sessions:

Portraits of resilience 

An inspiring selection of films that explore the physical and psychological impact of cancer. Through the stories of patients, cancer survivors and their loved ones, the films provide an intimate and personal insight into how they have been able to achieve, maintain or restore their sense of self through sport and music. 

Telling her story 

A selection of powerful films that underline the importance of the female narrative in cancer. These personal stories honour mothers, daughters, and partners as they navigate the environmental and societal challenges in making decisions about their health, the emotional impact of receiving a diagnosis, their treatment experience and journey to recovery. 

Know your audience, adapt your message 

Take a journey around the world through this selection of films which tell the diverse experiences of cancer with cultural awareness, relevance and sensitivity. Highlighting different cultures and ethnicity, gender and age groups, these films will be complemented by an expert panel discussion on the importance of defining and understanding your target audience to ensure the effectiveness and relevance of your message.

In their shoes: Navigating the patient’s journey 

An eclectic selection of films shining a spotlight on the psychological, mental and emotional impact of cancer through the patient’s perspective. Whether aiming to raise awareness, to change minds, improve care pathways or to purely inform patients, the filmmakers take a wholly original approach - either allowing audiences to step into the shoes of patients or empowering patients themselves to navigate their own journey with greater clarity. 

Access to care in times of peace and conflict 

Tackling the broad issues of access to care and equity in cancer, this selection of films and documentaries bring to the fore the different barriers encountered in accessing appropriate healthcare around the world, including in areas where political unrest and conflict undermines needs, rights and equity in healthcare.


UICC Awards icon


The UICC Members Awards will be back at the World Cancer Congress in 2020.
Initiated to recognise the outstanding achievements and innovative practices from the UICC Membership, the Awards winners will get even more visibility thanks to the Ceremony which will take place during the closing Ceremony, open to all Congress delegates.
Read more about the process and the Awards categories.