Speakers & Chairs Resources


We very much look forward to welcoming all speakers and chairs at the 2018 World Cancer Congress. Please find here below the guidelines that we hope will help you prepare your session. The full guidelines are also available in a pdf format at the bottom of the page.

AS a SPeaker...

Plan your content
  • We encourage you to discuss the¬†topic of your session with your chair and the other speakers ahead of the Congress, and meet them 10 minutes before the session starts onsite
  • Share the¬†objectives, methodology and outcomes/benefits of your project/programme with the audience
  • If possible explain how your project/programme might have changed/influenced practice in patient care/navigation
  • Use a lively, positive and entertaining tone of voice and body language whilst you speak
Use a specific format for your presentation
  • We recomment that you¬†avoid using power point slides to allow better interaction with the audience
  • If you still need slides, the slide format should be 16:9 horizontal. We recommend using between three¬†and five¬†slides maximum
  • All presentations must include the title of the presention and the name of the author
  • All presentations must include the disclosure of any conflict of interest which could have an influence on your presentation
  • Any video you want to show will need to be embedded in the slides¬†

Please dowload the power point template to use for your presentation. Feel free to adapt it, including the info you need (text, logo, video, images, etc...) or use your own presentation template as long as the format remains 16:9 horizontal.

Dowload your material through the Speaker Service Centre 
  • All presentations will have to be uploaded in advance, through our Speaker Service Centre
  • You won‚Äôt be able to download your presentation in the session room
  • You can either upload your presentation online through the dedicated platform or onsite at the Speaker Service Centre
Upload your presentation online 

Upload your presentation onsite 

You will receive a special link to log into the Online Speaker Service Centre as of 3 September, and upload your presentation.


The Online Speaker Service Centre

will remain active until 28 September 2018. Up until then, you will be able to log into the system and amend your presentation as and when necessary

As of 1st October, you will be able to upload your presentation onsite at the Speaker Service Centre.

Please note that all presentations must be brought on a USB key at least 90 minutes before the start of your session.







Speaker Service Centre Opening Hours onsite
The Speaker Service Centre will be located in room 401, level 4 of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. It will be opened as follows:

  • Monday 1 October from 15h00 to 20h00
  • Tuesday 2 October from 8h00 to 18h00
  • Wednesday 3 October from 8h00 to 18h00
  • Thursday 4 October from 8h00 to 16h00

As a chair...

You have a key role to play, including to:

  • arrive in the room¬†early and meet the speakers 10 minutes before the start of your¬†session
  • learn how to use the AV equipment, test the microphone, laser pointer¬†and try a sample presentation of one of the speakers before the session beginns
  • introduce the topic and the speakers (name, position, organisation, topic, background, etc...) once the session starts
  • keep the session moving according to a prearranged schedule, doing so¬†in a courteous and professional manner
  • ensure there is enough time¬†for a 10-15min Q&A with the audience at the end of the session
  • facilitate the Q&A and encourage¬†a productive & friendly interaction between the speakers and the audience.
Special master class for Chairs  '15 Ways to Engage Your Participants'
  • When: Monday 1 October from 17h to 18h00
  • Where: room¬†407, level 4 of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Almost all Conference Sessions have better outcomes if participants are activated. The word says it: they are participants and should not be a passive audience. Another word for those participants’ state of mind is engagement.

In this session, you have the opportunity to work on ways to engage your session’s participants.

UICC’s Chief Networking Officer Mike van der Vijver will share his insights on facilitation, moderation and content analysis in a fast-paced and interactive Master Class.

Suitable for both new and seasoned presenters because the solutions will be based on your needs! For existing as well as for new presentations.