Sponsored Workshop - Improving communication in cancer - an ABC Global Alliance, Breast Cancer Network Australia, Champalimaud Foundation workshop

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Organised by European School of Oncology (Italy)

The ABC Guidelines highlight the need for sensitive and honest communication with patients and families, and the need for oncology professionals to undergo training in this area. “Breaking bad news” is a regular task for oncologists, and patients may react with a variety of emotional responses, including anxiety, distress, anger and disbelief. Flexibility is required in responding appropriately to these emotions and paving the way for treatment discussions in a collaborative manner.

Using the example of a relapse of breast cancer in a young woman, where optimal therapies are likely to add a financial burden to the bad news, participants in this interactive workshop will view video triggers and interact with a skilled communication training facilitator.

For advocates there will be an opportunity to brainstorm how these conversations might best be undertaken in their cultural context, and to coach the clinicians to improve delivery. Tools to empower women in different environments to ask about new therapies will be discussed.

13:30-14:10 Optimal management of advanced breast cancer (ABC), Fatima Cardoso, Champalimaud Clinical Center, Lisbon, Portugal
14:10-14:25 The ABC Global Alliance, Ranjit Kaur Pritam Singh, Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
14:25-14:40 Communication needs of patients and patient advocates, Danielle Spence, Breast Cancer Network Australia, Camberwell,Australia
15:00-17:30 Breaking and receiving bad news: increasing our bandwidth,Fran Boyle, The Pam McLean Centre, St Leonards, Australia

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