Solutions Path for Access to Medicines

2018 WCC session

International cooperation, fair pricing and transparency are the key elements to change the malfunctionning system to a better one. Join to find a creative solution.

Session report, from 2 October 2018, 09h30-11h00, room 403-404, chaired by Eveline Scheres, Dutch Cancer Society (Netherlands (the))

This session was chaired by the moderator, Eveline Scheres, Dutch Cancer Society (Netherlands (the)) who stressed the importance of transparency in order to build trust among stakeholders. Ellen't Hoen, Lawyer and public health advocate, Netherlands (the) opened up the talk with her topic 'Finding international solutions for sustainable health care systems'. She mentioned that a patent protection and regulatory rights for medicines should be practiced. She also emphasized that cost and risk associated with R&D should be rewarded. 

Noting that hospitals collaborating to advocate for better drug purchasing in Netherlands,
Nora Franzen, the speaker from The Netherlands Cancer Institute, highlighted the points about the need of collaboration among the authorities to ensure success.

This was later followed by Eveline Scheres, who talked about the BeneLuxuA, opportunities and challenges of international cooperation. It is crucial to enforce transparency because through transparency we can find accessibility and coverage of cancer medicine supply. Fair pricing which could allow access to medicine all over the world is essential at this point of time. 

In conclusion, the chair noted that it was clear that the authorities and stakeholders partnering and a transparent healthcare system is necessary.

News contributed by Logeswary Krisnan