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The World Cancer Congress encourages innovative thinking and multisectoral collaboration in view of strengthening the impact and action of the global cancer community.



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Driving Global Policy and Inspiring Change for Patients

Pfizer partners with the metastatic breast cancer (mBC) community to support initiatives and organizations that help people with mBC. As part of the Seeding Progress and Resources for the Cancer Community: Metastatic Breast Cancer Challenge (SPARC mBC Challenge) initiative, launched in 2015, we have partnered with the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to award more than $1.3 million in funding to organizations to support projects that address the specific needs of mBC patients globally.  

At this year’s World Cancer Congress, Pfizer will present the latest in policy research through interactive workshops, presentations and activities to encourage the mBC global community to center their focus on patients. Pfizer will have two symposiums, “Initiatives to Support the Patient Journey” and “Patient Driven Data to Drive Change” which will focus on mBC policy gaps, patient data and improving the patient journey. We will also support the SPARC Metastatic Breast Cancer Challenge Master Course Workshop, “Addressing gaps in information, patient support and policy for mBC patients."

Read more about Pfizer actions to address Metastatic Breast Cancer unmet needs through patient-focused policies at the 2018 WCC


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2018 Congress Platinum Sponsor

MSD is proud to support the 2018 World Cancer Congress (WCC) in Kuala Lumpur. During this year’s congress, we will be hosting a series of sessions including a moderated expert panel on the role of public-private partnerships to increase access to innovation and immunotherapy, and a full programme for top executives of UICC member organizations with networking and workshopping opportunities as part of the CEO programme.

Satellite Symposia: Innovative Access Solutions for Immunotherapy Through Public-Private Partnerships

October 2, 2018 - 2:20 PM

Unprecedented medical advancements have contributed to great progress in cancer care. Innovative treatment strategies, such as immunotherapy, hold promise to improve outcomes for patients across multiple types of cancer. However, barriers to accessing this innovation remain. This interactive session will bring together patients, health care providers, industry and policy makers to consider the role of public-private partnerships in addressing these challenges.

CEO Programme

Building on its tremendous success at the 2016 World Cancer Congress, MSD is proud to sponsor UICC's flagship programme tailored for CEOs of UICC membership. At this year’s Congress, executives will work with a culturally diverse group of peers, and leave the event armed with practical solutions to help them address unique business challenges. This year’s programme includes three interactive lunch workshops, a private networking reception and a CEO Award, which will be presented at the General Assembly.  More information is available on the CEO programme page.

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Tata Trusts

Tata Trusts

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2018 Congress Platinum Sponsor

The Tata Trusts is proud to support Capacity Building activities at the 2018 WCC, as well as UICC membership for new organisations from India.

New cancer care model in India

The Tata Trusts in partnership with the Government of India, are rolling out a national step-down distributed cancer centre model, commencing initially in north-east India. In contrast to the current situation where one hospital handles a cancer patient’s journey end-to-end, the model proposes smaller centres close to patients’ home and interlinked with the apex centres, handle diagnosis and care delivery, thereby providing high quality cancer care closer to home. The vision is to create patient-centric cancer centres to deliver standardised and affordable care close to patients’ homes. The programme has six key factors (Infrastructure development / Awareness, prevention, and early detection / Community and hospital palliative care / Integration of clinical guidelines and training / Human resource development / Technology to link centres)

Read more about the programme here


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Advancing towards personalised healthcare

Scientists have begun to understand, target, and diagnose illnesses on a molecular level. Cancer, for instance, is not one disease. We are now aware that there are 250 to 300 types and subtypes of cancer. Doctors can identify the drivers of the disease and therefore better predict how well a patient is going to respond to a treatment.

With the help of diagnostic tools, specific genetic defects or other malfunctions can be detected and treated.

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Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC)

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2018 Congress Gold Sponsor

Sharing Canada’s 10-years of progress with the global cancer community

Evidence shows that countries with a national cancer strategy are more successful in making progress in cancer control. More than a decade ago, the Canadian cancer community came together to create one of the first such strategies. The Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control set out three ambitious 30-years goals: that fewer Canadians develop cancer, fewer die from cancer, and those affected by cancer have a better quality of life.

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer was created in 2006 to move the Strategy into action, working with partners throughout the system to implement it and measuring its progress. To do this, we created a network model that established collaborative relationships with the provinces and territories, non-governmental organizations, researchers, health professionals and many others.

Read more about the sessions involving CPAC


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2018 Congress Gold Sponsor
The C3 Prize Challenge 

Do you have a passion for healthcare innovation and have an idea that may improve cancer care in low-and middle-income countries? 

If so, we want to hear from you! The Astellas Oncology C3 Prize® is a global challenge aimed at inspiring novel non-treatment ideas that may improve cancer care for patients and their loved ones. Launched in 2016, this year’s challenge will focus on solutions for cancer care in low-and middle-income countries, which bear a disproportionate burden of the global cancer epidemic.

The Astellas Oncology C3 Prize will award three prizes totaling $100,000 USD (one $50,000 USD and two $25,000 USD grants). In addition to the prize money, winners will receive a one-year “nights and weekends” membership to MATTER to help bring their ideas to life.

Applications are being accepted now through July 25, 2018 at www.C3Prize.com.

Read more about the submission criteria and the awards session at the WCC