UICC Members awards

Recognising outstanding achievements and innovative practices from across the UICC membership

In order to achieve our collective goals for global cancer control, we need to learn from the remarkable leaders, patients, campaigners, advocates and fundraisers from across our community of members.

The UICC Awards aim to identify and celebrate the exceptional contributions made by UICC members and inspire the cancer control community through their efforts.

Open to UICC members only, nominations are sought on Congress years in any of the six categories below for the chance to be recognised at an Award Ceremony during the World Cancer Congress.

The next Award Ceremony will take place in Oman during the closing ceremony of the World Cancer Congress on 22 October 2020.

The inaugural 2018 Awards were announced following the UICC General Assembly, during the World Cancer Congress in Kuala Lumpur, 1 – 4 October 2018. 

Check out the 2018 winners and finalists

Award categories


Best Advocacy with Impact REPORT

15 Jan - 31 March (applications through Call for abstracts)

To recognise the outstanding work of UICC members in developing and implementing impactful advocacy programmes or campaigns.​


BEST public-private partnership initiative 

Applications 21 March - 20 May 

To recognise UICC members that have carried out a successful and innovative public-private partnership initiative.​



Best CEO of UICC Member Organisation

Applications 21 March - 20 May

To recognise leadership and expertise in managing a cancer control organisation.



BEST World Cancer Day Spirit ACTIVITY

Applications 21 March - 20 May

To recognise UICC member organisations who demonstrate a generous collaborative spirit in their World Cancer Day activities.



15 Dec - 15 Feb. (applications through Call for Case studies)

To recognise a member of UICC who presented the best case study for the patient group pavilion of the 2020 World Cancer Congress. Nominations are linked to the call for case study for the patient group pavilion at the 2020 WCC.​


best scientific abstract 

15 Jan - 31 March (applications through Call for abstracts)

To recognise the quality of the scientific contribution from a member of UICC in their abstract submission at the 2020 World Cancer Congress. Nominations are linked to the call for abstracts of the 2020 World Cancer Congress.​



best Global Village stand 

Decision taken onsite at the 2020 World Cancer Congress

To recognise a UICC member who comes out with the best Global Village stand at the 2020 World Cancer Congress. This award recognises aspects such as design, engagement, interactivity and set of activities proposed at the booth throughout the Congress. 

Criteria of selection

For the different Awards, criteria of selection will include aspects such as:

  • Be a UICC Member
  • Partnership/Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Impact
  • Sustainability
  • Replicability