UICC members regional meetings

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The UICC members regional meetings are dedicated platforms for UICC members to discuss new approaches and practices at regional levels, in line with the Congress' capacity building and educational objectives.

Benefits for UICC members participating in the regional meetings

  • Get the chance to be selected to showcase your successful initiative in front of your peers and other experts in cancer control from your region, and win a UICC Award, recognising great examples of working in partnership
  • Be featured on the list of submitted collaborative initiatives to be shared with +1000 UICC members and partners around the world
  • Network with other UICC members from your region
  • Benefit from high exposure through WCC/UICC social media and online platforms.

Regional Meetings in Kuala Lumpur

The UICC member regional meetings in Kuala Lumpur were focused on ‘how to leverage the expertise and potential of collaboration amongst UICC members’. 

In that view, we encouraged the UICC members from each region to submit pertinent case studies, showcasing successful collaborative models that could be replicated in other settings. The initiative has also been supported by regional leads.

We thank all our members for their valuable contributions which fostered productive discussions during the regional meetings and strengthened our members' sphere of influence and action.

Should you have any questions, please contact the UICC Capacity Building team: regionalCB@uicc.org