Past congresses



Held every two years, the World Cancer Congress, organised by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) is the leading international conference for the global cancer control community.

The first International Cancer Congress was held in Madrid in 1933. It led to the foundation of the International Union Against Cancer in 1935, renamed the Union for International Cancer Control in 2010.

UICC is committed to delivering the targets of the World Cancer Declaration through strategic partnerships involving members and other institutions interested in fighting cancer. Together we aim to save millions of lives by focusing on what needs to be done by taking the lead in:

  • Convening the global cancer control community
  • Advocacy and putting cancer on the global health agenda
  • Coordinating high-impact global programmes

Since 2006, the UICC World Cancer Congress has taken place as a biennial event.

2014 World Cancer Congress, Melbourne, Australia

'Inspiring', 'memorable' and 'unique' are some of the words delegates have used to describe their experience at the 2014 World Cancer Congress in Melbourne.

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Past Congresses

UICC Congresses, in chronological order, include: 

  • 24th PARIS, France 31 October - 3 November 2016
  • 23rd MELBOURNE, Australia December 3-6, 2014 
  • 22nd MONTRÉAL, Canada August 27-30, 2012
  • 21st SHENZHEN, China August 18-21, 2010 
  • 20th GENEVA, Switzerland August 27-31, 2008 
  • 19th WASHINGTON, U.S.A. July 8-12, 2006 
  • 18th OSLO, Norway June 30 - July 4, 2002 
  • 17th RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil  August 1998  
  • 16th NEW DELHI, India October-November 1994 
  • 15th HAMBURG, Germany August 1990 
  • 14th BUDAPEST, Hungary September 1986 
  • 13th SEATTLE, U.S.A. October 1982 
  • 12th BUENOS AIRES, Argentina October 1978 
  • 11th FLORENCE, Italy May 1974 
  • 10th HOUSTON, U.S.A. October 1970 
  • 9th TOKYO, Japan July 1966 
  • 8th MOSCOW, Russia July 1962 
  • 7th LONDON, U.K. July 1958 
  • 6th SAO PAULO, Brazil July 1954 
  • 5th PARIS, France September 1950 
  • 4th ST. LOUIS, U.S.A September 1947 
  • 3rd ATLANTIC CITY, U.S.A. September 1939 
  • 2nd BRUSSELS, Belgium September 1936 
  • 1st MADRID, Spain October 1933