3 October 2018

“How we can improve the lives of disadvantaged or vulnerable cancer patients “chaired by Laila Rueskov Walther, Danish Cancer Society (Denmark) spoke about the disparity in providing the medical support to indigenous groups.

3 October 2018

Get ready for plain tobacco packaging!

The session addressed the recent progress in selected countries, and some bumps on the policy-making road to quash the appeal of packaging.

2018 World Cancer Congress
2 October 2018

Is cancer the world’s leading disease?

Session at the 2018 World Cancer Congress
2 October 2018

Evidence based policy making is crucial to improvise cancer prevention.

Session report from 2 October 2018, 15h50-16h50, room 403. Session chaired by Alison Cox, Cancer Research UK (United Kingdom)

2018 World Cancer Congress
2 October 2018

Education, cancer research, improved access to technology and enrolment of women in surgical speciality is critical

2018 WCC session
2 October 2018

International cooperation, fair pricing and transparency are the key elements to change the malfunctionning system to a better one. Join to find a creative solution.

Session report, from 2 October 2018, 09h30-11h00, room 403-404, chaired by Eveline Scheres, Dutch Cancer Society (Netherlands (the))

Late breaking abstracts.jpg
29 September 2018

The World Cancer Congress established a special partnership with ASCO.

Photo programme at a glance.JPG
23 August 2018

Discover this year's Congress highlights and get organised for Kuala Lumpur.

UICC Awards.jpeg
10 August 2018

UICC has launched the UICC Awards for the first time this year, with the aim to acknowledge the outstanding work and initiatives of its 1,000 members around the world. The Awards Ceremony will take place at the 2018 Congress in Kuala Lumpur.

Programme new streams.jpg
28 June 2018

In the spirit of raising the game at each Congress and achieving high quality education standards, we will be launching two new streams to foster new thinking amongst participants in Kuala Lumpur.

28 June 2018

We are pleased to announce that Dr Christopher Wild, Director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), will be presenting the 2018 GLOBOCAN at this year’s Congress.

23 April 2018

For the first time, the Global Village will be hosting the Wellness Pavilion, which will take Congress delegates on a completely different journey.

23 April 2018

Building on its tremendous success at the 2016 World Cancer Congress, UICC's flagship programme tailored for CEOs of UICC membership will be taking place again in Kuala Lumpur.

15 January 2018

Discover the 90 multidisciplinary sessions and 46 interactive presentations of the Congress and Patient Group Pavilion programmes respectively.

30 November 2017

About 350 leaders will be attending the 2018 World Cancer Leaders' Summit to be held on the 1st of October in Kuala Lumpur, in conjunction with the 2018 World Cancer Congress.

26 April 2017

Oman will welcome up to 4,000 cancer control experts from more than 140 countries at the 2020 World Cancer Congress.