Host a World Cancer Congress

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The process for selecting the Host and Destination for the World Cancer Congress 2026 is currently underway. The official announcement regarding the host and location of the World Cancer Congress 2026 will be made in June 2024. For additional information, please reach out to Mrs. Celine Francina at

Hosting the World Cancer Congress offers the unique opportunity for an organisation to welcome the global cancer community in their country.

Organisations that have hosted the World Cancer Congress in the past have reported that the event has been invaluable in supporting their efforts to make cancer a priority in their national and regional health agendas.

Host organisations of the World Cancer Congress have also benefitted from unparalleled networking and partnership opportunities and increased their visibility with governments, international organisations, NGOs, cancer affiliations, patient support groups, research institutes, care centres, academia and the corporate sector.  

Several organisations in the same country can collaborate to act as hosts for the World Cancer Congress.


The call for bids to host the World Cancer Congress 2028 will open in January 2025.

Expressions of interest must be sent to Mrs Celine Francina, UICC, Head of Congress and events at Organisations that send an expression of interest will then receive the complete bidding manual.

The bidding manual outlines the main requirements for organisations to submit a bid to host the World Cancer Congress 2028. It includes general information about the World Cancer Congress and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), as well as financial, logistical, and operational requirements to host the event. It also outlines of the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved, detailed information on the bid process and selection criteria. 

Please note that any interest in hosting a World Cancer Congress has to be supported by a UICC full-member organisation and the city (i.e. city's convention bureau). The list of UICC full members list can be found on UICC's website here.

Past and recently awarded destinations and hosts may be found here.

15 February 2024