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The bidding process to host the 2024 World Cancer Congress is temporarily being put on hold. In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact Mrs Celine Francina at 

Over the recent years, Congress host organisations and countries have widely benefited from welcoming the global cancer community in their respective countries. It gives them an opportunity to considerably push forward their national and regional agendas and secure a coordinated and multileveled response. The programme for each Congress edition is articulated around a broad overarching theme that sets the tone for the event.

The host organisation, the city and the country will all benefit from global visibility and credibility in their recognition as key players and leaders in the global fight against cancer for hosting this pivotal platform gathering world experts in cancer control.

The successful host receives the unique opportunity for its reputation to be disseminated across a multi-disciplinary global context, including governments, international organisations, NGOs, cancer affiliations, patient support groups, research institutes, care centres, academia and the corporate sector. World Cancer Congress hosts are not only afforded altruistic recognition by the rest of the world in being seen at the forefront of the global campaign to eliminate cancer as a life-threatening disease but its afforded unparalleled networking and partnership opportunities. These opportunities in the past have created and will continue to create enduring structures of prosperity both in terms of global cancer control and global recognition in general for any willing host country. 


UICC is temporarily putting on hold the bidding process to host the 2024 World Cancer Congress. Please note that any interest in hosting a future World Cancer Congress should be supported by a UICC Full member organisation and the city (i.e city's convention bureau).

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Mrs Celine Francina, UICC, Head of Congress and events at 



The full 2024 WCC Bid Guidelines, including the detailed timeline, process, selection criteria and other details is still available HERE for your information. 

Past and recently awarded destinations and hosts may be found here.


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