Recognising outstanding achievements and innovative practices from across the global cancer community

To maximise the impact of our collective efforts for global cancer control, it is important to learn from the many examples of leaders, campaigners, advocates and fundraisers from across the cancer community. 

The UICC Awards aim to identify and celebrate the contributions made by professionals and organisations and inspire the cancer control community through their efforts. 

In 2022 the World Cancer Congress was the opportunity to offer three Abstract Awards, linked to the call for abstracts of the 2022 World Cancer Congress and open to all submitters (scientific, advocacy and fundraising categories).

The three Abstract Awards winners and shortlisted nominees were selected by a panel jury composed by the WCC Abstract Committee co-chairs (Prof. David Hill and Jean King), the UICC President (Prof. Anil D'Cruz), and in cooperation with the Lancet Oncology represented in the panel by its Editor-in-Chief (Prof. David Collingridge). 

Lancet Oncology

The Abstract Awards Ceremony took place during the closing ceremony of the 2022 World Cancer Congress on 20th October 2022.

2022 Abstract Awards

The 2022 World Cancer Congress honoured the outstanding abstract submissions, in the following categories.


Best advocacy with impact report

To recognise the outstanding work from organisations in developing and implementing impactful advocacy programmes or campaigns.​ Nominations were linked to the call for abstracts of the 2022 World Cancer Congress.​


Shortlisted nominees

Kate Broun
Kate Broun, Cancer Council Victoria - WINNER
Lessons learnt from 5 years of prioritising bowel screening, 2017-2021 (ID: 1169)

Download abstract here

Ditte Marie Bruun
Ditte Marie Bruun, Danish Cancer Society
Supporting employers in handling cancer at the workplace: Development of a digital toolkit (ID: 1132)
Download abstract here
Nehal Khanna
Nehal Khanna, Tata Memorial Hospital
Enhancing the efficiency of philanthropic support through use of AI: Experience of Indian Cancer Society  (ID: 1241)

Download abstract here




Best fundraising campaign report

To recognise cancer organisations that have carried out a successful and innovative fundraising initiative.​ Nominations were linked to the call for abstracts of the 2022 World Cancer Congress.​


Shortlisted nominees

Todd Harper
Todd Harper, Cancer Council Victoria
Funding the Elimination of Cervical Cancer (ID: 1087)

Download abstract here

Anish Mathew
Anish Mathew, Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP)
Encourage a culture of online giving (ID: 2018)

Download abstract here

Elina Viitaniemi
Elina Viitaniemi, ESCA CancerSupport - WINNER
Steps for CancerSupport: Fundraising and awareness building in a hybrid environment (ID:1123)

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Best scientific abstract

To recognise the quality of the scientific contribution of an abstract submission at the 2022 World Cancer Congress. Nominations were linked to the call for abstracts of the 2022 World Cancer Congress.​


Shortlisted nominees​

Ru Chen
Ru Chen, Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Development and validation of a model to identity high-risk individuals for esophageal cancer screening (ID: 1765)

Download abstract here

Georgios Lyratzopoulos
Georgios Lyratzopoulos, International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership
Risk factors and implications of colon and rectal cancer diagnosis as an emergency presentation: an ICBP study (ID: 1641)

Download abstract here

Zihao Zou
Zihao Zou, The First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University - WINNER
The Prognostic Value of PIK3CA Mutations in Neoadjuvant Anti-HER2 Therapy of Breast Cancer: A Meta-Analysis (ID:1332)

Download abstract here


Criteria of selection

For the different abstract awards, criteria of selection included aspects such as:

  • Partnership / Collaboration
  • Innovation / Creativity
  • Impact
  • Sustainability
  • Quality

Tuesday, January 25, 2022