Spotlight stage


Due to ongoing uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and the disruption to travel and social gatherings into 2021, UICC has decided to call off the World Cancer Congress planned for March 2021 in Oman.

Located in the heart of the Global Village (GV), the Spotlight Stage will complement the official Congress programme. It is a new Congress feature aimed at showcasing a series of short, informative and powerful talks from over 50 inspiring speakers. The Spotlight Stage will serve as a prominent, Ted-Talk style platform from which to share inspiring stories, innovative solutions, personal journeys, research findings and public announcements; all in front of an audience of approximately 50 to 60 people. It will also be used as means to present some of UICC’s key areas of work.


The programme is currently under development, but will include some of the following presentations. 

UICC Programme

  • UICC Young Leaders programme (8 presentations) The 2019-2020 cohort of eight UICC Young Leaders will share their experience on what drives them to make a difference in global cancer control and how they are planning to make an impact as emerging leaders in public health.
  • Best of SPARC grantees (3 presentations)
  • A selection of three SPARC mBC Challenge grantees will share with the audience how they have addressed the unique needs of metastatic breast cancer patients in their country, through raising patient voices, effective advocacy and improved patient information.
  • Emerging stories from the UICC Leadership in Action meetings (3 presentations)
  • Three CEOs of UICC member organisations that took part in the 2019 regional UICC Leadership in Action meetings in Singapore, Oman and Mexico, will reflect on the impact their participation had on their work including via new collaborations and connections developed at the meetings, successful campaigns replicated in their own settings, new approaches to their work, visits between organisations and newly developed mentor relationships.
  • Cancer Advocates Programme (3 presentations):Three speakers taking part in the UICC Cancer Advocates programme will share successful advocacy campaigns aiming to address gaps and weaknesses in national health systems.
  • Tobacco control: Tobacco industry interference and tactics revealed to the public and the cancer control community. The presentation will show how the tobacco industry uses the same playbook to enter new markets in LMICs and renormalize tobacco use, as well as promote their image as key stakeholders in global health through the promotion of e-cigarettes and ANDS
  • Anti-microbial Resistance: Challenges posed by Anti-Microbial Resistance for cancer patients and the global health community. The speaker will present the current situation of AMR and concerns for cancer treatment and care.
  • National Cancer control Planning: Successes and efforts in national cancer control planning in the EMRO region. The speaker will depict and present models of NCCPs in different countries as well as highlight barriers to and opportunities for their implementation.


The UICC Members Awards aim to identify and celebrate the exceptional contributions made by UICC members and inspire the cancer control community through their efforts. Each nominee from the list of UICC Members Awards below will be on stage to present their outstanding work.

  • Best Public-Private Partnership initiative (3 presentations)
  • Best advocacy with impact report (3 presentations)
  • Best demonstration of the world cancer day spirit (3 presentations)

Inspiring stories

This category will showcase a selection of inspiring stories from around the globe that we believe should be shared on a global and powerful platform.  


Twelve slots of 7 minutes each have been made available for sale for organisations willing to showcase powerful, engaging and dynamic speakers.  

With its central location and its prominent visibility, the Spotlight Stage is an excellent platform for organisations who want to share innovative solutions and research findings, launch new initiatives or simply share a powerful story.

SponsorSHIP opportunities

The Spotlight Stage and its programme is also available for sponsorship. Associate your organisation with this new Congress feature that has already generated a buzz within the community. 

For more information please refer to page 19 of the Sponsorship Brochure.